Virginia Beach/Norfolk - April 28-29, 2001 - Page 4
Julie & Mickie & Laura on Virginia Beaches

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Laura left on Saturday to spend some time in
Norfolk with Julie & Mickie. On the way she
stopped at this neat old-fashioned diner —
complete with poodle-skirted waitresses.

Julie got her first
look at the Atlantic
since moving back
to the east coast

The cold water
felt GOOOOD on
these aching feet!

The view from Ocean Eddie's on VA Beach pier —
for Laura, a trip to VA Beach is incomplete
without a shrimp cocktail at Ocean Eddies!


When Laura and Mickie first met (click here for those pix), they named this Serenity Beach
after their joint website Serenity Breeze — It's actually Ocean Beach in Norfolk —
it was nice to be back and have Julie with us, too.

Mickie - AKA "Serenity"
of SerenityBreeze

Julie & Laura

Laura climbing out
on the drainpipe
looking for some

Mickie looking for
shells for Julie

Who'da thought they'd
give us a way to chat
f2f in the john?!

Serenity & Breeze

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