Corolla NC - The Outer Banks- April 22-28, 2001
Our house was called The Carolina Dreamer and if was fabulous...

Before we headed to OBX, we did
a quick tour of Alexandria VA
with hostess, Julie...
(note that we are OUTside the bars...)

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Home Sweet Home
The scene of some
mean games of
Uno and cards

Barb K. found a
reading spot on
the deck right away...

but says, "The book is
so much better when
it's read on the beach!"

Mickie checked the mail
—and the next day the
phone was cut off for
the rest of the week!

So many games... little time!
(Barb D & Laura
sporting sunburns

Mickie: "Please, can't I take a quick trip to the deck for a cigarette between hands?"
Chris: "Nope — deal the cards!"

Barb D & Chris
My shells are prettier
than *your* shells...

The beach can make
some people nasty!
(Ed note: Barb mighta been
pouting because Chris found
a perfect sand dollar.)

Mickie communes
with the sea...
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