In November this year I made a combination business/pleasure trip to some of my favorite places. I flew to Los Angeles and visited with my brother and then drove up the coast with highschool friend, Gary. On the way visited another old highschool friend I hadn't seen in 38 years, spent a day on a dive boat in the Channel Islands (Gary dove, I was just along for the ride), toured Hearst Castle, lunched at Big Sur with another online friend, and explored Point Lobos. From there I went on to San Jose to visit daughter Bonny and meet my new adopted granddaughter Marjorie June ("MJ"). My trip ended with dinner in San Francisco with another couple of friends, but my digital camera broke the first day of the trip, so I'm missing pictures of that part of the trip. Most of the really gorgeous pictures below were taken by Gary. Enjoy the trip! — Laura

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Gary's "backyard"

Santa Monica Coastline

A breathtaking sunset...

Famous Santa Monica Pier

We left Ventura in the early morning after visiting with friend, Bob McClurg, and headed to the Channel Islands with a boat full of 36 divers. The thrill of my day was when a pod of dolphins came to swim under the bow of the boat!

Old friend, Bob
This is the picture that broke the digital camera!

Here come the
dolphins to escort
us to the dive site!

What an awesome experience...

Can you tell I'm thrilled to be out on the ocean again?

Gary before the dives...

Getting ready for
the first dive -- yes,
that's a hot tub!

Ready to go!

Ready or not,
here I come!

Whoo! It's a little chilly!

Lemme up there
in the sun!

And this guy followed
us all the way home...

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